Lease your Property from Afar

Lease from AfarOne of the biggest concerns for overseas investors is how well their property is managed and how rent will be collected from afar. For your peace of mind, MICM Property makes every effort to secure a great tenant to rent out your property – then facilitate an arrangement agreeable to all parties.


Extensive marketing

MICM Property has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Melbourne. We reach thousands of potential tenants through our far-reaching online and e-marketing campaigns on major Australian real estate websites, and our extensive database keeps potential tenants in the loop. MICM Property’s strong presence in a competitive marketplace ensures our targeted company branding
is always seen by the right people.

Accessible staff

Our leasing department operates seven days a week from a network of six offices across Melbourne. Professional leasing consultants are available at each office to assist new and potential tenants to secure a rental suitable to their needs. We also conduct ‘open for inspections’ at more convenient times for our tenants, such as weekends and mid-week.

Reliable background checks

To help secure the best tenants to live in your investment property, MICM Property completes an extensive background check on each applicant, including an identity check, previous tenancy references and verification of employment. Any student applications are processed with a parental guarantee, as well as confirmation of income or financial support.

Rentals and finances: a few questions answered

How often will you pay funds into my account?

Rent received from the tenant is transferred into your bank account as soon as your tenant’s payment has cleared. Allowing for the clearance period of three business days, weekends and public holidays, allow approximately 4 -7 days for rental payment to arrive to your bank account after the rental date.

What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

MICM Property follows a ‘zero tolerance policy’, and follows legislation allowing us to apply to evict the tenant after the rental is more than 14 days late. See ‘Should I get insurance?’ below regarding protection against financial loss should this happen.

Who pays the invoices associated with my property?

With your authority, we can pay all or selected outgoings and expenses incurred on the property. All expenses paid on your behalf will be listed on your monthly landlord statement.

Length of lease?

Standard lease terms in Australia are for 6 or 12 months.
Repairs and maintenance?
Our property managers will identify the need for maintenance and repairs – either through reports from your tenant or through our regular inspections. We take our duty of care to our clients seriously, and make sure all contractors appointed by us hold the necessary qualifications, licenses and public liability insurance cover to protect your investment.

Should I get insurance?

If your property is part of an Owners Corporation (body corporate), insurance is included in the overall building insurance. In addition, we recommend you take out a landlords content insurance policy that covers these items, together with public liability insurance, which we can arrange at your request.