Docklands Real Estate

DocklandsDocklands is a rapidly-growing suburb situated to the west of the CBD. This waterfront suburb is home to many major commercial and industry headquarters, sporting facilities and Melbourne’s major transport hub, the Southern Cross Station. Due to its convenient location and proximity to the CBD, Docklands is also home to many high-rise residential blocks.


Docklands is a major residential area; the entire population lives in high-rise apartments. The suburb is of keen interest to investors as a high growth area. Over the next decade it is anticipated to welcome an estimated 20 million visitors each year, be a workplace for 40,000 people daily as well as a residential area for up to 16,000. Over the next 5 years almost 3,000 new dwellings will be built.

The population is now 3,951 people, and most are young (aged between 20-29 years). Compared to the rest of Melbourne, there is a higher than average percentage of renters (77%). With higher than average rents also being paid, Docklands is considered to be a canny investment for property owners.


The total area of Docklands is approximately 3 square kilometres, and it has 7 kilometres of river frontage along the Yarra River, around Victoria Harbour. It is adjacent to the state’s main transport networks, the central city of Melbourne and industrial port areas. Linked by the central Harbour Esplanade, Docklands has eight fascinating precincts, all of which can be accessed easily by bike, car, or on foot, including: Waterfront City, New Quay, Digital Harbour, Victoria Harbour, Central Pier, Stadium Precinct, Batman’s Hill and Yarra’s Edge.


Due to its city-adjacent location, Docklands is very easy to get to and travel around. Nearby Southern Cross Station is Melbourne’s main rail interchange for suburban, regional and interstate trains. A free shuttle bus runs daily around the suburb, linking Southern Cross Station with Harbour Town shopping centre at Waterfront City. A free city circle tram also runs through its centre, as well as a number of other city trams.

Docklands is also part of the Capital City bike trail. Many gorgeous boats are berthed at the Docklands marina facilities, which are found in many locations around the suburb. Water taxis are also a novel way to kick off a night at Docklands, and charter boats are available for hire.


Docklands has a wealth of entertainment, restaurants and shops, public spaces and art, and festivals. During the week the suburb is buzzing with city workers on their lunch break, dining in one of the many fine cafes and restaurants, and on weekends crowds of visitors arrive to shop, attend a festival or sporting event or enjoy the vibe. Docklands is home to Etihad Stadium, the Icehouse, Waterfront City and Costco and is the national headquarters of the National Australia Bank, ANZ, AXA, Bendigo Bank, Medibank Private and the Bureau of Meteorology.