Port Melbourne Real Estate

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne was originally developed as Melbourne’s second port. Located just to the west of the CBD, this formerly industrial suburb has undergone extensive urban renewal. It is now a diverse place, with industrial and port areas along the river, parklands, palm-lined residential streets and Bay Street, a busy shopping strip.


The population of Port Melbourne now numbers 12,531 residents. As the importance of the port declined and manufacturing industries moved away, Port Melbourne has increasingly become a residential suburb. The areas around Station Pier and Princes Pier have been redeveloped with a mixture of apartment complexes and medium-density housing.
Many large apartment developments in Port Melbourne have transformed former factories and warehouses while preserving the heritage features. This highly desirable beachfront suburb, with its long boulevards of palm trees and open walkways, commands both high rents and high mortgages.


This large suburb covers approximately 10 square kilometres, and is located on Hobsons Bay and the lower reaches of the Yarra River. The southern part of Port Melbourne contains all the resident population, and three localities are found within the suburb: Garden City, Beacon Cove and Fishermans Bend. The former locations are primarily residential developments, and the latter an industrial centre at the foot of the Westgate Bridge. Over half of the space in Port Melbourne comprises mostly open space, and there is also a high proportion of undeveloped land.


Port Melbourne is serviced by an extensive bus network, which connects it to Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs. A light rail through parkland services the Port Melbourne-city route. The suburb is also part of a major Victorian transport corridor from east to west, and is bisected by the West Gate Freeway and CityLink. From the sea, the Port of Melbourne is Australia’s largest container and general cargo port. Station Pier is a major transport hub for passenger and cargo vessels, and is where the Spirit of Tasmania ship berths in Victoria.


Port Melbourne has undergone a major change over the past two decades. From being one of the poorest suburbs in Melbourne it is now one of the wealthiest, with many large apartment developments. Bay Street is a focus for many residents, and is Port Melbourne’s main and historic commercial area. Many people enjoy the long beachfront walk or bike ride down Beaconsfield Parade towards St Kilda, a popular suburb. Other notable features and locations of Port Melbourne include the Kart Raceway, Port Melbourne Cricket Ground, the Maritime Union of Australia, the home of Circus Oz and 28 parks including Westgate Park, a natural wetland.